New Album + Kickstarter Campaign

Brad Thompson Kickstarter Campaign

It has begun! Last week we started recording a new album at Studio B at Fort Worth Sound with Tanner Landry and at The Cove Studios. We’re gonna put it out on CD and vinyl too (I’m so excited about the vinyl!). SpyderPop Records will be releasing it for us. Rich Stitzel, Aden Bubeck, Jay Brown and Kevin Grove have already laid down all the basic tracks and it sounds soooo amazing! Next week are the horns and some harmony vocals by the one and only Hannah Kirby.

There’s a song on there I wrote for my dad, there’s one I wrote for my wife Lisa, there’s a song on there I wrote about the big ice storm in 2011 that made the roof collapse at Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. headquarters and there’s one I wrote with my friend Charles Gaby. It’s going to be a really great album.

I’ve started a Kickstarter project to ask for help paying for the actual recording costs. Even a little bit would help so much. Plus the rewards we came up with are pretty great… private house concert, personalized song written just for you, and even an opportunity to be on the album. We’re only $743 from reaching our goal, and this thing is all or nothing! Check it out and thank you!

Recording For New Album Begins This Week!

In studio with Tanner, Brad & Aden

We had a full week in the studio getting basic tracks for the new recording. Drums, bass, guitars, keys and lead vocals have all come together nicely.

Here’s who’s on the project so far. Amazing talent!

Tanner Landry – engineer
Aden Bubeck – bass
Rich Stitzel – drums
Jay Brown – keys
Kevin Grove – guitars
Jonathan Mones – saxes
Evan Weiss – trumpet

Tanner Landry, Rich Stitzel & Aden Bubeck at Fort Worth Sound Studio B on Day 1 of recording.
In studio with Tanner, Brad & Aden
Tanner, Brad & Aden at The Cove Studios, Arlington, TX. Day 4 – vocals and guitars.

Refret for my #1 guitar Barbara

Brad Thompson's guitar Barbara

I recently had some major work done on my #1 guitar Barbara. I have Mark Cigainero out of Fort Worth, TX do all my work – he’s really one of the best. Refret, new saddle and nut and we planed the fretboard so it plays totally different now!

I named my guitar as a nod to Michael Hedges (1953-1997). His primary live guitar was a Martin he named Barbara because she had been in so many bars.

Winners of the Star Telegram / Fort Worthy Readers’ Choice Award for Best Local Musician / Band!

Fort Worthy Star Telegram Readers' Choice Winner

Thank you so very much to the readers and staff of the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Fort Worthy Awards.  We are the winners of the Best Local Musician/Band award.  My band and I are incredibly grateful.  This is such an honor.  We were thrilled just to be nominated.  It’s extra special because our fellow nominees are actually some of our music heroes – Leon Bridges, Eli Young Band and Emerald City were all nominated as well.   You can read all about the winners and runners up at the Star Telegram.

Fort Worthy Award - Star Telegram