Brad Thompson
Hi! I’m Brad Thompson. I love playing music. My bandmates, crew and I work hard to make every performance our very best. And we can’t sit still. We love working on new material. We love planning the next “big thing” we’re going to do. We love working with people like you that have an event and a vision and are excited about seeing it come to reality.

For example, I’ve traveled to Puerto Rico just so my groom friend could surprise his bride with a wedding singer at the end of their ceremony on the beach – seriously, she had no idea! We’ve learned an entire evening’s worth of music from the 1920’s for a Great Gatsby-themed birthday party. We’ve played in barns, on boats and in penthouses. We love working with cities, non-profits, schools, fundraisers, brides & grooms and companies large and small. We’re thrilled that you found us and we hope that some part of our little area of the internet here has caught your eye (or ear).

Our mission is to fully embrace another year of playing music for you. We relish that time together. And we welcome all the trials, challenges and victories that come with it. The world of playing live music is rapidly changing and the ways that an artist can connect with their audience is evolving and redefining itself constantly. But what doesn’t ever change is the connection. The connection between a performer, with a certain level of skill and earnestness, and the listener who can enjoy, respond and hopefully be moved by what is happening before them. That connection is what called each of us in this band to this occupation and we will never lose sight of that.

Brad Thompson live

A little bit more about me…

Born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Married to a medical illustrator. Watcher of classic movies like Beetlejuice and Forrest Gump, especially with our kids. Serious about playing Gaga Ball. Big fan of this band from NY called October Project – specifically their first two albums. Wrote my first song when I was 13. Heavy consumer of Takis and Slurpees from 7-11. Fan of Escape (The Pina Colada Song). Proud owner of a mini-van. Collector of books and record albums. Fan of brussel sprouts and cauliflower and a huge fan of pickles (especially Best Maid – from right here in Fort Worth, TX!). Knows Karate. I can rap “My Shot” from Hamilton The Musical. Holds an impressive high score in Galaga. Still have my entire Hot Wheels collection from when I was a kid. Successfully stalked Lyle Lovett on one occasion.