What It Takes CD Cover
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release date
20 Dec 2005


  • 1. Saved
  • 2. What We Were Made To Do
  • 3. How Good and Pleasant
  • 4. Hear Our Praises
  • 5. Still
  • 6. Only A God Like You
  • 7. Need You Here
  • 8. Undignified
  • 9. Preach It, Brother!

Recorded in September of 2005 in the sanctuary of First United Methodist Church, Mansfield, TX you can feel the energy as the crowd of 800+ responds to the band’s renditions of some of the most popular praise and worship songs out today.

Three of Brad’s original songs are featured here as well as a Bob Dylan classic. Also included are moments of Brad’s personal testimony and some heckling from the Senior Pastor. There’s also a sweet drum solo from Ron McCranie on track 14 that you should check out.

The group consists of a 30 member choir, 5 piece horn section, 8 piece band and 7 vocalists. This thing is huge!

Format: CD and Digital
Label: Aaron Ave. Records
Produced by: Brad Thompson