The Gospel Seed Cover
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release date
29 Sep 2009


  • 1. Sing Out
  • 2. All We Need Is You
  • 3. We Dream
  • 4. We Must Be the Change
  • 5. Power of the Gospel
  • 6. God Is Life
  • 7. God Save Us All
  • 8. You Forgave
  • 9. Still
  • 10. For the Beauty of the Earth
  • 11. What It Takes

Live recording of 5 Smooth Stones, my all-star band from University Christian Church in Fort Worth, TX near the T.C.U. campus. Most of the material on this CD are songs I wrote for the band but we threw in a few songs from Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz and my buddy Charles Gaby because they were some of our favorites.

Format: CD and Digital
Produced by: Brad Thompson

Doug Graham – percussion
Robert Shepard – bass
Shannon Moore – piano, vocals
Joey Carter – keys
Tom Burchill – elec guitar
Brad Thompson – acous guitar, vocals
Robin Davis – vocals
Lisa Mason – vocals
Suzanne Castle – vocals
Tobias Harrison – sound engineer