Songs for the Spirit Journey Album
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release date
May 10, 2011


  • 1. Wake Up
  • 2. Baptize Your Hopes
  • 3. Breathing Lessons
  • 4. Come Dance
  • 5. As the Grass Lies Dead
  • 6. Sing Out
  • 7. In Us, God Trusts
  • 8. We Must Be the Change
  • 9. Those Who Have Ears
  • 10. Turning of Time
  • 11. What is This Life?
  • 12. This Is Our Prayer

I got to play producer on this album as well as lead vocal (on most tracks) and electric and acoustic guitars. Here’s a note from the primary songwriter of the project, Charles Gaby… 

Songs for the Spirit Journey is a collection of songs written for community singing rather than radio airplay. But despite the non-commercial intention of the project, the performances make this music an enjoyable listen. The interesting collaboration of artists and the mixture of different styles mean every song has some different feel. Some of these songs have become like theme songs for different moments in a life’s journey. 

These are not the kind of songs most people hear in church though they are deeply spiritual. They are also deeply ecumenical in their approach to life, faith and community. Songs for the Spirit Journey are songs we can all sing together despite our differences and maybe even celebrating our differences.

Format: CD and Digital
Produced by: Brad Thompson