Brad Thompson 2008 Cover
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release date
9 Sep 2008


  • 1. Jitterbug Perfume
  • 2. Eve
  • 3. Way Out
  • 4. Natalie
  • 5. We Run
  • 6. Take Our Time
  • 7. Still
  • 8. Amazing
  • 9. Wild
  • 10. One Great Sound
  • 11. One of These Days

Engineered and produced by Mike Daane at his home studio in Dallas, TX. Boy, we really did a fine job this time. Only two of the tracks are full band and the rest of the songs are very stripped-down, wonderfully personal recordings. I owe a lot to Kevin Grove, Rich Stitzel, Joey Carter and Aden Bubeck for coming in, seeing the vision and playing such beautiful parts. Man, these songs groove – it’s nice.

Format: CD and Digital
Produced by: Brad Thompson

Kevin Grove – dobro, classical and electric guitar
Aden Bubeck – electric and upright bass
Joey Carter – percussion, organ
Paul Metzger -electric guitar
Jeff Howe – drums
Rich Stitzel – percussion
Don Cento – acoustic guitar
Mike Daane – engineer