A Moment (Brad Thompson)
release date

A Moment

  • 1. Roll Steady
  • 2. Into You I'll Fall
  • 3. A Moment
  • 4.You Beside Me
  • 5. I'm Still Falling For You
  • 6. Time
  • 7. Dont Know How You Do That
  • 8. Still Around
  • 9. Stormcloud (The Rahr Brewery Song)

My latest release with songs about my dad, a song I wrote for my beautiful wife, a song about the Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth, TX, and a collaboration with my longtime songwriting partner Charles Gaby.

Label: Mesquite St. Records (Arlington, TX)
Studios: Tanner Landry (Fort Worth, TX), The Cove (Arlington, TX), Drummantra Studios (Chicago, IL)
Cover art: Courtney Lynn Kelly
CD design: Lisa Clark Thompson
Art Direction: Dan Zimmer
Spiritual Guide: Jack Watkins
Executive Producer: Alan Petsche
Mastering: Chris Raspante

Drums: Rich Stitzel
Bass: Aden Bubeck
Guitars, etc: Kevin Grove
Keys: Jay Brown
Vocals: Elizabeth Wills
Vocals: Hannah Kirby
Sax: Jonathan Mones
Trumpet: Evan Weiss