Brad Thompson & The Undulating Band

Spring Has Sprung!
We’ve got some amazing outdoor shows coming up to go along with this beautiful spring weather. Here’s a snapshot of some of the exciting festivals and special events we’ve got coming up.

Brad Thompson & The Large Undulating Band
It’s almost festival season baby! And we’ll be playing some of our absolute favorites – Main Street Fort Worth Arts Fest, Denton Arts & Jazz Fest and Mayfest. I’ll have the Large Undulating Band with me for all three shows. First time for the eight piece to play any of these events and we’re super excited. All these festivals are either really cheap or free and family friendly too. Get all the details in the Latest News section or in our live schedule. Thanks to Kate Pease Photography for this shot of the band too!

Live footage of The Large Undulating Band
My large, eight piece band complete with horn section. Dig this five minute video with samples of several of the artists that we play including The Mavericks, Bruno Mars, Kenny Loggins, Tina Turner, Dave Matthews Band, The Temptations, Bob Schneider and Sam & Dave.

Smart video
Our new best friend John Fletcher from SMART Video Services created this awesome video for us. All of the footage was shot at a recent wedding reception we performed at in Dallas, TX for our friends Rachel and Jay. Lately I’ve been attempting to play DJ during our set breaks and it’s worked out really well. John captured some really amazing moments, a little bit of line dancing and some pretty serious moves by a few people. Check it out!

Brad interview and live footage
Shot in and around some of our favorite places with some of our most favorite people in Dallas and Fort Worth. Who knows, maybe you’re in it?! Check it out – it has some inspirational moments for sure and then a whole lot of me talking about the band too (then there’s the part where I don’t remember if we’re a four or a five piece). If you know someone that’s looking for a band for their next event (wedding reception, festival, fundraiser, big party, etc) we’d love for you to share it with them.

Special thanks to Mike Daane for letting me sit in his fancy studio and gab about the band and super special thanks to Chuck Shanlever for shooting all the video at various locations in the wee hours of the night and editing the footage down to the glorious masterpiece that you now see before you. Bonus points if you can spot the “magic” disappearing and reappearing coffee cup in the studio segments.

We’re on Spotify!
You can follow us, create a station or add us to your favorite playlist. Check it out.

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