Brad Thompson

Christmas Party Time
Planning a Christmas party? How about some live music to make it extra sweet. From an intimate solo act to a seven piece band we can add some holiday cheer to your next soiree… and we know all the holiday songs! Dates are filling up fast. Send us a message through the contact form and we’ll get started!


Sept 21, 2015
Thank you Tierra Verde Golf Club!

The band and I want to send out a giant thank you to all who attended the Tierra Verde concert this last Friday. Many great emails, photos, Facebook posts and gig offers came flooding in over the weekend. It’s pretty incredible to look out into the crowd and see someone hearing us for the first time and becoming a fan of our music, while sitting beside them is a couple who hired us to play their wedding 17 years ago. “We knew Brad when his hair was really BIG!” they might have offered to the newly converted. I love it!

Children lining up to strum my old beat up guitar, a couple dancing their hearts out under the gold sliver of the moon in the clear Texas sky.  Of course there’s the crew that just wants to hear Sweet Caroline so they can scream “Bomp, bomp bomp” at the top of their lungs during the chorus – we love it too, I have to admit.

Our plan for the evening was to open with a set of all original music.  While we waited for the sun to set and the evening to simmer to a relative cool we serenaded everyone with selections from our albums that span the last 21 years – a little folk, a little rock, a little country. Then after a short break we returned. The sun had gone down, drinks were imbibed, inhibitions were lowered as we unleashed our cover set and the dance floor was open!  Everything from Texas country to current radio hits to classic oldies. All in all it was a really special night. Thanks to all who joined us!

Brad-9982                                                                          photo credit: Chuck Shanlever