Hey there, I’m Brad Thompson. I’m a guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader based in Fort Worth, TX, USA. Me and my raggedy old guitar have been traveling all around this country playing music professionally since 1987. We play festivals, parties, fundraisers, clubs, weddings, churches, and camps just to name a few. I’m amazed at the power of live music and what it can add to any situation. I’m always in pursuit of the next, exciting musical experience and all that it may hold. I travel regularly, so even if you’re considering live music outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area I could still play for you.  You can use the contact page to get started and contact me directly. Check it out.

If you’re looking for some original, acoustic music then I think you’ll love the music page. I’ve put out seven CD’s in the last 20 years. I’m immensely proud of all of them. It’s a little country at times, spiritual at others, and sometimes we actually rock.  I think you’ll enjoy the variety. Please give them a listen. Check it out.

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January 19, 2015
Undulating Band Reunion Show
Levitt Winter Concert Series

South Street Patio
400 E South St
Arlington, TX 76010
Doors: 6:00p / Show: 7:00p
Free show / all ages
Check out all the details here.  Don’t forget to RSVP so we’ll know you’re coming.

In the winter of 1992 I was looking to start a new project. I wanted a band, a really good band. After a few calls to some trusted friends in the music scene I found Aden Bubeck, still a teenager working on his music degree. Aden led me to Rich Stitzel, who eventually led me to Paul Metzger and Joey Carter. For the next 8 years we traveled the country, made a few CD’s and destroyed several transmissions and cargo trailers along the way. We were playing music as a job – living the dream! By 2000 though, Rich had moved to Chicago to dive into the massive music scene up there and Aden had taken gigs with Johnny Reno, Max Stalling and ultimately hit the road with country mega-star Miranda Lambert.

We’re all still living the dream – playing music as a profession –  just not doing it together, and we miss that. Those years together were the formative years. We grew, we figured stuff out the hard way. We toured and played gigs on our own, without major label support, cell phones, internet, GPS or any of the stuff we have today. Just a Ford Econoline cargo van (named Moby), trailer and a Rand McNally Road Atlas.

Monday night, January 19 2015, we’re getting the band back together, man. We’re going to play some of the old songs and it’s gonna be great. We’re even adding two horns to the show just to change it up a little. One of the horn players, Rene Ozuna, was even on our first CD we made back in ’95. So on behalf of myself, Aden, Rich, Joey and Paul I’d like for you to join us as we celebrate Brad Thompson & The Undulating Band’s 23rd anniversary.

Brad and the band’s reunion show last July