Kerrville Folk Festival

Kerrville Folk Festival here we come!
I’ll be celebrating the release of Elizabeth’s Wills’ latest CD, Every Little Star, on May 26 at the legendary Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX. I’ll be playing lead guitar and singing some pretty harmony vocals and Blaine Crews will also be joining us on his crazy, hybrid percussion / drum kit thing that he does. We’ll be on the main stage – the first act of opening night. This festival, located in the Texas Hill Country, is 45 years old, hosts acts from around the world and has showcased all the great songwriters from Lyle Lovett to Nancy Griffith to Guy Clark (RIP). It seriously doesn’t get any better than this!

Our latest promotional video
Shot in and around some of our favorite places with some of our most favorite people in Dallas and Fort Worth. Who knows, maybe you’re in it?! Check it out – it has some inspirational moments for sure and then a whole lot of me talking about the band too (then there’s the part where I don’t remember if we’re a four or a five piece). If you know someone that’s looking for a band for their next event (wedding reception, festival, fundraiser, big party, etc) we’d love for you to share it with them.

Special thanks to Mike Daane for letting me sit in his fancy studio and gab about the band and super special thanks to Chuck Shanlever for shooting all the video at various locations in the wee hours of the night and editing the footage down to the glorious masterpiece that you now see before you. Bonus points if you can spot the “magic” disappearing and reappearing coffee cup in the studio segments.