October 3, 2017

Saturday, Nov 11, 7:00p
Elizabeth W’s live recording
Fort Worth, TX

Saturday, Nov 11
Live studio recording with Elizabeth Wills
Fort Worth Sound
306 S Main St
Fort Worth, TX  76104

From Elizabeth…

I can hardly contain myself…. On November 11, 2017, we have the chance to share something REALLY special and beautiful with each other. Fort Worth Sound, Ft. Worth’s own killer recording studio, has offered their studio space for us to do an initmate show for you.. AND we will be recording it and releasing the album, Marigolds From Ashes, in 2018. All of you will get a copy of the album, your names will be on the credits on the cd, and I am hosting an after-party down the street when we’re done to celebrate the blooming of the new album and the coming together of hearts and spirits. I have been wanting to do a live album for such a long time and this is the first time I have felt everything I wanted and needed came together perfectly for me to go ahead and take the plunge. You all will see me, Brad Thompson, Aden Bubeck, and Blaine Crews in the recording studio creating and making music and potentially some hopeful magic. Bart Rose will be at the helm engineering and you all will be seated IN THE STUDIO WITH US WHILE WE RECORD!!!! I am so excited.. The last couple of years have been challenging on a personal AND global level, and I am so grateful to be able to share and record songs of hope and truth and light and heart with you. There’ll be a couple of tunes you have never heard and there will be old favorites that I have wanted to re-record. Seating is VERY limited which is why I’m doing advanced tickets. The first 30 seats sold will get in.. after that, I’ll create a waiting list for cancellations, etc. The ticket price is what it is so that I can pay for the band and the studio time. The new album, Marigolds From Ashes, is about beauty from the broken, light from the darkenss, rising from the almost dead, soaring then crashing then soaring again… it’s about life.

I’m playing with some of my most favorite people and musicians that I have ever known. It’s 100% acoustic. I’ll be playing piano and guitar, Aden will be playing his beauty of an upright, Blaine will be on cajon and stripped down simple snare/percussion and Brad will be on his acoustic guitar. I might add strings or harmonies later after we’ve recorded, but you’re going to be there for the bones and the raw beauty and the mostly finished product, and I am honored and EXCITED AS HECK to share this with you!!!! Going into the studio is one of my most favorite and most sacred times.. and I’m inviting you to be there with me. I hope you’ll cinsider joining me… Without you, there wouldn’t be a new record. Marigolds from Ashes. Here we go. Thank you…


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