The Gospel Seed

  • Released: 2009
  • Format: CD and Digital
  • Produced by: Brad Thompson

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1. Sing Out
2. All We Need Is You
3. We Dream
4. We Must Be the Change
5. Power of the Gospel
6. God Is Life
7. God Save Us All
8. You Forgave
9. Still
10. For the Beauty of the Earth
11. What It Takes


Live recording of 5 Smooth Stones, my all-star band from University Christian Church in Fort Worth, TX near the T.C.U. campus. Most of the material on this CD are songs I wrote for the bandbut we threw in a few songs from Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz and my buddy Charles Gaby because they were some of our favorites.


Doug Graham – percussion
Robert Shepard – bass
Shannon Moore – piano, vocals
Joey Carter – keys
Tom Burchill – elec guitar
Brad Thompson – acous guitar, vocals
Robin Davis – vocals
Lisa Mason – vocals
Suzanne Castle – vocals
Tobias Harrison – sound engineer