Brad Thompson and His Undulating Band

  • Released: 1995
  • Format: CD and Digital
  • Label: Aaron Ave. Records
  • Produced by: Chuck Ebert

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1. Mr. Madison
2. Silver Tones
3. Only That I Want You
4. Baby Please
5. Lonely Me
6. Love and Lead
7. Sure Thing
8. Ten Days


This CD was originally going to be available on vinyl and cassette. All acoustic instruments (with the exception of some electric guitar) recorded on analog tape – two inch tape, actually. This means we only had 24 tracks available and that’s not very many for an 8 piece band. When we’re talking one track for the kick drum, one track for the snare, one track for Brad’s vocal, etc. you use them up pretty quick. But somehow we did it and I think it still sounds great to this day.


The band is definitely a “who’s who” of local musicians – some of the finest I’ve ever worked with.


Earl Darling – drums
Keith Claunch – drums
Aden Bubeck – bass
Chad Rueffer – elec guitar
Dwayne Bollmeyer – elec guitar
Reggie Rueffer – violin
Al Mouledeus – violin
Rene Ozuna – saxophones
Hillary Tipps – vocals
Gaye Stockdale – vocals
Chuck Ebert – producer/engineer